Singer - Entertainer
March 30, 1913 - February 6, 2007

frankie laine

Frankie Laine "It ain't over till it's over."

"It ain't over Frankie, not in my collection it ain't."

This is the second autograph I added to The Tablecloth just two weeks after meeting with comedian George Gobel in St.Louis. This time it was across the Mississippi River and down the road a few miles in Illinois to Fairview Heights at Ramada Inn the afternoon of August 12, 1983.

Frankie opened the door wearing a pair of walking shorts and a baseball cap. I handed him a special Horseshoe that I made for him.I attached a few items to it referring to his remarkable sixty year career.A sun, a mule, a comedy/tragedy, a microphone and a banner across the front with "GOOD LUCK FRANKIE LAINE."

Just about then, a woman came out of her room from across the hall and I talked her into taking a picture handing Frankie that Horseshoe. She was in a hurry and left.

I took the picture you see here with Frankie holding The Tablecloth open wide with just his head showing wearing a pair of large glasses and a baseball cap. The absence of signatures and some stain or age marks are visible from the cloth having laid in a drawer some forty years.

I followed Frankie Laine's career from the very start. I once got to see and hear him sing at Billy Berg's jazz club in Hollywood one evening in 1946 before he was even paid to sing. In fact, this was the very beginning of the most fantastic and unbelievable career of legendary Frankie Laine. From Billy Berg's jazz club to a soon-to-follow, recording contract.For sure, a one of a kind voice unequaled. He was special and one heck of a nice guy. I considered him a friend of mine and got to play my bongo drum number on his show at the Chase Club in St. Louis. My first wife Mickey was in love with him. Anytime Frankie appeared within a hundred miles of St. Louis, I had to take her to see him.

There is not enough room here to list all of his awards and Gold Records.It all started with That's My Desire, then Call of the Wild Goose, Rawhide and his biggest seller Mule Train.

God rest you man. Thanks for giving us all such wonderful entertainment and pleasure for all those great Frankie Laine moments and memories. Singer - Legend: "Ciao"